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Three-hundred and sixty-six days ago, a voice boomed and echoed across the sea of black inside the theater. “Graduates, you may now switch your tassels from the right side of your caps to the left.”

I find the graduation-related posts amusing. They have been everywhere: Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, etc. I can still vividly remember the rush of emotions when I finally completed my hospital cases, school requirements, documents, and the professors’ precious signatures (or inartistic scribbles as we prefer to call them) on my crumpled and time-worn clearance sheet. 

There are many kinds of graduates. Some are elated, from the scale of happy to drug-induced euphoria. Some swell with pride. Some are relieved (probably the nearly flunking ones). Some are downright indifferent. Some are so overwhelmed that they might faint anytime. But some people are inexplicably scared.

I was one of the scared ones.

It wasn’t primal fear or the fight-freeze-flight response. I had that unexplained sense of discomfort. It wasn’t exactly butterflies in my stomach or cold feet, it was something else. But I later concluded that the very thing I feared was not the ceremony itself, but what comes after. I feared change.

I can tell you that I am quite versatile, but I just hate changes. Hate them. For the past 14 years of formal education my life had been a routine. I just had to go to school, ace my grades, interact with peers, and please my parents. But after college, I reckoned, you will have no one but yourself. You will need to please no one but yourself. After all, every pupa will eventually fight its way out of the cocoon, spread its wings, go on its own, sip nectar from flower to flower, be eaten by a chameleon, and whatever else butterflies do for a living.

Every time I feel down, I remind myself that I have accomplished many things after graduation, as many graduates this year will.

I may have given up this:

But I earned this:

And, after less than a year, this:

And there will come a time when I will so earn this:

College graduation offers many avenues for all aspects of your life. It is certainly worth 14 years or more of preparation, and a day to a week of celebration.


P.S. My grad photo looks shitty, I know.

2011 was like a box of chocolates for me:

  • Chocolate wafers: unexpected things that gave me unexpected lessons.
  • Choco-covered pretzels: little things that had made me happy.
  • Chocolate biscuits: events that make us ponder on the lessons of life.
  • Milk chocolates: the everyday things I had taken for granted.
  • Chocolate truffles: times of indulgence.
  • White chocolates: the sweetest events of my life.
  • White-Brown chocolates: the times of uncertainty, indifference and indecision.
  • Dark chocolates: bittersweet events; the best chocolates there were.

I am looking forward for more chocolates this 2012! But for the remaining 12 hours of 2011, I’m gonna munch on some chocolaty goodness while I can…

Me guzzzta… :)

Happy New Year Tumblr peeps!

So much has happened over the last eight years. So much has been gained and lost. Still, in some ways I feel like my life is really just beginning… And it was.

This quote from Phoebe Halliwell, a character from the TV series Charmed comes to my mind, whenever I am feeling that I am about to cross over from one point of my life to another. A transition. And ending the year 2011 just feels like one of those moments. This year is unlike any other. As far as I can remember, no year has made an impact on me as much as 2011 did. Is it because of the triumphs? because of the sorrows and suffering? because I am finally close to being 21 years old? Or perhaps is it because of the people who have been there for me, against me, or with me all this time? I’d rather think so.

I do not want to enumerate all my successes and failures this year. I am sure you have those too, and it would sound boring and pompous if I iterate mine. Recognizing the significant people during the ups and the downs of my 2011 seems appropriate (and gratuitous). Cliche as it may sound, I would never reach the end of 2011 without their influence.



These are my paternal cousins:

We never get to hang out much even though we live in the same neighborhood, but the summer of 2011 gave us a new chance to bond as cousins! A month’s worth of outings with my family made me experience the true meaning of vacation.

Leave the grown ups with their boring rants about politics and this and that person’s life. It’s good to have a mix of school agers, pubescents, and young adults in our group. Our variety makes us an interesting lot.

Visiting our cousins in Negros. At Mooon Cafe, Robinsons:

Banana Boat ride at Tambuli Beach Resort, Cebu:



I have never really expected that I would be close (again) with my gradeschool batchmates (and their high school friends). Long story short: upon elementary graduation, my mother signed me up for enrollment in a Catholic school in Cebu City (USJ-R), but most of my close grade school buddies were enrolled in a nearer private school. Sucks for me, huh?

Do I have regrets in entering my high school? Definitely none. But I have to admit that if history was rewritten and if I was enrolled in their school instead, there would be a lot of fun too.



My high school bestfriends George, Lemart, and Kurt have played an instrumental role in expanding my social circle, which I usually don’t do. After 3 years of not hanging out with them, we finally made time for one another from late 2010 to mid 2011 due to some random incident (Long story). The spark of our friendship had not waned. After all those wacky moments in high school, why should it be? From daily (Yes, daily) spontaneous drinking sessions to eleventh hour fashion shows, we pulled them off with impressionable memories. These people make me sane and insane at the same time.

Eating in the dark…  Like I said, insane. Hahaha.



Perhaps the most challenging experience we had as student nurses (and as a section) was our Immersion program. Although this happened last 2010, it left a great imprint in my mind, perhaps until forever.

I consider this as our version of living in a Big Brother house, only that our “Big Brother” is not one disembodied male voice but three supportive female RNs, Miss Minmin, Miss Bonnie, and Miss Leslie. For almost a month we were left to our own devices and we were forcefully but effectively taught to manage our time, to facilitate teamwork, and to learn logistics for our sake, for our grades’ sake, and for the benefit of the community (a barangay in Bogo, Cebu) we serve with primary health care.

Our block had “unity” issues. We are not cliquey, so to speak, but we’re “divided” in some aspects. But still we can manage to pull off our group projects and programs with flying colors.

And we can definitely manage to show support with one another in any way we can. In fact, our last Christmas dinner as a block lifted my hopes in acing (or at least passing) the Nurse Licensure Examination last December 2011.

"Parting ways" with my college friends is like graduating in high school. High school memories are incomparable, sure, but my nursing college experience is equally unmatched. I guess spending time with my fellow young adults has its exceptional sense of belonging.

I pray that we will all be registered nurses soon. :)



Our block has some group names too: Chummies, Bangsters, KPopers, and Same Facessssssss (us). Weird names, huh?

You might want to know why the “Faces” part of my barkada name has eight S’s. In our block, I spent most of my time with Kath T., Kath S., Betsy, Barry, Lester, Gilbert, and Elena. You probably also now deduced why we’re called “Same Faces”.

If you don’t, sucks for you. LOL

Apart from my Betches and Co., Same Facessssssss is notorious for “organizing” spontaneous night outs. But our best trademark is our beach getaways. Aaah, the memories…

But no worries. We’re gonna have our official post-Board Exam getaway this January. It’s our way our raising our middle fingers to the imminent Board Exam results this February. 

Along with our “extended” friends (Jeff, Aive, Floyd, Alyssa, Ann, and Jon), our barkada is best labelled as drunkards

Right. Need I say more? Hahaha.

I am glad to have met these people. They break the stereotype that geeks like me are only meant to read books their whole lives. WTF. Books and booze must always go hand in hand.


TEAM ROYAL DYNASTY (Convergys Workmates)

Ah, these people. Since I met them, I am quite convinced that I will spend the rest of my life rubbing shoulders with the wackiest people on earth. Hahaha.

When I entered the BPO industry (This is not a long term career, I assure you) I had my stereotypes with call center agents: with haughty English accents, elite-ish, excessively fashionable, etc. But I was wrong. Well, not that wrong, but so far the people I have met in Convergys are quite amicable. 

Also, my team and I share a common interest:

Booze, man. What is life and more-than-average paycheck if there’s no booze? Hahaha.


Happy people, sad people, bossy people, bad people, lazy people, creative people, unattractive people—we always label our fellow humans because of our differences, often times with malice. But many of us don’t realize that a rainbow does not achieve its beauty without its different hues. The same goes with a painting, with car parts, with a recipe mix, with your own anatomy, or with a jigsaw puzzle. We need to interact with a variety of persons to make us complete. :)

So this concludes the groups of people that made the jigsaw puzzle of my 2011 whole. I am glad that our individual uniqueness has made us compatible all along. There might be some people who aren’t featured here in this post, but they most assuredly remain close to my heart.

I do not wish to waste words any more than I already did, but I would express one of my hopes this 2012: I pray that I would still meet these kinds of people this year, next year, and the decades to come. 


A punishment is anything that increases tension, such as spanking, a disapproving look, or a denial of some pleasure.
-Theories of Personality, by Calvin S. Hall et al.

OH MY GOSH. I will be a celibate this 2012… Oh well.

A punishment is anything that increases tension, such as spanking, a disapproving look, or a denial of some pleasure.

-Theories of Personality, by Calvin S. Hall et al.

OH MY GOSH. I will be a celibate this 2012… Oh well.

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